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We discontinued to update the changelog. For updates on the development of RIPEstat please look at the roadmap.


27 August 2013

  • RIPEstat's new layout goes online.

1 August 2013

  • Fixed issues that prevented the BGPlay widget from being embedded on other webpages.

24 June 2013

  • New features for the Country Routing Statistics and BGP Update Activity widgets:

8 May 2013

13 May 2013

  • Fixed issue where the Abuse Contact Finder wasn't returning the “abuse-c:” contact.

7 May 2013

  • A new special feature page lets you compare different widgets with different resources.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 10.

21 February 2013

  • A new special page about finding contacts for Internet related-abuse cases.

6 February 2013

  • A new special page lets you compare the number of IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes and ASNs for different countries over time, as seen in RIS starting in 2004. See this RIPE Labs article for an introduction.

7 November 2012

  • Data quality efforts: several data calls are now aligned to the back ends they use, which means the data call can differentiate between "no data available" and "no data (records) found". This has so far been implemented only for the upper-boundary, but the lower boundary is soon to come.
    The updated data calls are:
    • geoloc-history
    • geoloc
    • blacklist
    • announced-prefixes
    • allocation-history

23 October 2012

  • We are proud to announce our new user interface for the result page, which includes an “At a Glance” view as well as results being grouped into useful, predefined categories, such as Routing, DNS, Database and Geographic.

6 August 2012

  • New special page! This page shows an overview of the number of IPv4 delegations for each /8 grouped by prefix size.

1 August 2012

  • Widgets now include built-in feedback. This feature can be accessed via the icon located on the top-right corner of each widget.

30 July 2012

25 July 2012

  • New RIPEstat demo (s2e05) published. Watch the video or read the RIPE labs article.

18 July 2012

11 July 2012

  • New inline documentation in widgets! Check out the "info" link in the lower right corner of the widget box.

10 July 2012

4 July 2012

28 June 2012

  • The data call for visibility has been optimised which made it necessary to change the data structure for the output, please consult the user documentation to find details.
  • New data call: RIS Peerings

21 June 2012

25 May 2012

  • For the up-coming IPv6 Launch Day (June 6) we created a IPv4/6-domain-name-checker widget. You can find it embedded on the RIPEstat's landing page.

27 April 2012

  • RIPEstat is now fully widgetised
  • New widget: Address Space Usage
  • New data call: Address Space Usage

25 April 2012

  • The Address Space Hierarchy widget now has a CIDR Navigator control, which allows you to freely browse through the CIDR address space tree.

24 April 2012

  • New widget: Geoloc
  • New data call: Geoloc

11 April 2012

5 April 2012

  • New widget: Related Prefixes
  • New data call: related-prefixes
  • Many more data calls now support ranges

4 April 2012

2 April 2012

  • New widget: Blacklist
  • New data call: blacklist

28 March 2012

  • New RIPEstat data call for Blacklist information (user documentation)
  • Blacklist view is now available as a widget

20 March 2012

  • New widget: Geoloc History (for ASNs)

9 March 2012

  • New widget: ASN Routing Consistency
  • New data call: as-routing-consistency
  • Personallised re-ordering is now only for authenticated users.
  • New widget: Prefix Count
  • New widget: Reverse DNS
  • The whois widget how shows route objects

6 March 2012

  • New widget: Geoloc History (for Prefixes)
  • New data call: geoloc-history

28 February 2012

  • Following the new data call is a widget - the new AsnNeighbours widget is available for ASN queries. Try it!

17 February 2012

15 February 2012

  • We lowered the minimum prefix size for searches. It's now /8 instead of /10 before.

3 February 2012

  • RIPEstat web application and components (RIPEstat data API, RIPEstat widget API) were switched to https only.

24 January 2012

  • Applied a face-lift to RIPEstat homepage
  • The new episode (S2E01) of RIPEstat demo is out!

17 January 2012

9th demo (4 October 2011)
8th demo (6 September 2011)

20 September 2011

  • Fixed Javascript error causing "Visibility" view not loading markers on map
  • Disabled old "Geoloc" view

19 September 2011

  • New "Geoloc" view got rid of IP ranges in favour of prefixes. Tabular information only contains prefixes now.

2 September 2011

  • AJAX problems with IE8 are fixed now (still there are a couple of CSS issues)
  • Handle not bit-aligned CIDR prefixes in more views
  • Fix the special pages for egypt and japan
  • Create an experimental view for BGP Updates based on INRDB
  • Fix gradients in Internet Explorer

30 August 2011

  • Routing history view does not change color for the same prefix when switching between with and without transit views
  • IE9 bug with looking glass view is fixed
  • Fix Firefox bug with datepicker in Prefix List
  • Correctly handle more ASN Paths, ignoring empty ones and AS-SETs
  • Handle old-style 32-bit ASNs from IANA results

26 August 2011

  • Increasing volume of spam entries forced us to ban some IPs from leaving comments on RIPEstat
  • A bug causing the IDs of the RRCs to be wrong is fixed
  • Line-map output (e.g. used for routing history) now returns the entries in a fixed order (before it was flipping)
  • Routing history now returns sorted results
  • RIRStats now returns sorted results of

25 August 2011

  • Geolocation view for ASes: "unknown" space is removed from maps
  • Geolocation view for ASes: aggregation is done on state level for the US instead of just on nation level
  • Old geolocation view is disabled

23 August 2011

  • Refactored geolocation view now supports IPv6
  • Fix broken KML serving
  • Raise view timeout from 1 minute to 2 minutes

17 August 2011

  • Status information for each view now includes the size of the data sent
  • Fixed a problem causing the title of a view to be truncated in some cases

16 August 2011

  • Tuned performance for one of our input plugins (PrefixDistribution) - "as-prefixcount-graph" and "as-prefixes-distribution" now appear to be much faster (up to 10x)
  • Methodology updated for "as-prefixcount-graph"

11 August 2011

  • Added a refactored geolocation view for AS - compare it to the original and send us your feedback
7th demo (12 July 2011)

14 June 2011

  • Refactored Resource Info plugin (v6 support)
6th demo (14 June 2011)

9 June 2011

  • Refactored Allocation/Assignment plugin (v6 support)
  • Allow reordering and disabling of plugins
  • More flexible page layout with CSS instead of images

8 June 2011

  • Internal performance measuring extended to support fine-grained analysis

3 June 2011

  • Fixed bug causing performance measuring for direct queries not working

3 June 2011

  • Fixed bug causing reload button not to work

30 May 2011

  • Added support for HTML in comments

19 May 2011

  • Resource Info plugin added

17 May 2011

  • Fix Bug (Looking Glass): the best path is always displayed first
5th demo (17 May 2011)

16 May 2011

  • Fix AS Path Length query definition
  • Fix the subquery status display
  • Add a peer list to the visibility plugin
  • Add a subnet size column added to prefix list
  • Remove the exact match for the overlapping prefixes query
  • New Box: BGP Looking Glass

12 May 2011

  • Fix overlap issues with results box

27 April 2011

  • Add a backend status page
  • Change permalink and raw data buttons to display a dialog
  • Added random IP resource links for example queries
4th demo (19 April 2011)

18 April 2011

  • Whois output is enhanced trying to show only important data

14 April 2011

  • Improved visualisation and performance of the blacklist query (incl. showing blacklisted percentage of total space)
  • Whois queries are now directed to the responsibile RIR

12 April 2011

  • Improved error messages with context-specific help information

1 April 2011

  • AS Path Length spider-web chart visualisation using opacity

30 March 2011

  • Failed queries are showing an reload link that disables all timeouts on the back-end

29 March 2011

  • Each sub query shows an approximation of the loading time before results are delivered

28 March 2011

  • Input box keeps query text

25 March 2011

  • Upgraded visualisation library Flot to v0.7. Added enhanced drag timeline behaviour
3rd demo (22 March 2011)

18 March 2011

  • Added plug-in that shows a AS's path length as seen by our RRCs (Remote Routing Collector)

16 March 2011

  • Improve speed of filtered whois output
  • Reviewed and simplified the raw data formats
  • Added methodology text for each output box
  • Blacklist query was extended to go back five years instead of one. Plus some display issues got fixed

11 March 2011

9 March 2011

  • Added plug-in to show visibility for ASes or prefixes

7 March 2011

  • Added feature to reply to comments
  • Extended geo location query to include more information

4 March 2011

  • Bug returning "500 server error" for some users was fixed
  • Suggestion were added to query box on result page

3 March 2011

  • Profiling for subqueries was added giving accurate timing informations about the query performance

24 February 2011

  • Information for 2nd public demo were added
  • Changed error handling to show an error icon in case a subquery fails
2nd demo (22 February 2011)

22 February 2011

  • We've added a module for spam blacklists and routing consistency
  • We have also extended the prefix update graph with on-demand loading of historical data
  • Problem preventing commenting on the result page fixed

17 February 2011

  • We've deployed a completely new backend architecture for RIPEstat
  • AJAX is now used to load data
  • Added a new query: geolocation for ASes
  • Added a new query: a historical overview of prefixes announced by an AS

28 January 2011

1st demo (25 January 2011)