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What are custom views?

Custom views are the ideal way to create your own selection of widgets that you want to see together in a single view.

How do I create a custom view?

The only requirement for creating custom views is that you are logged in (otherwise it would be quite difficult for us to restore your custom views when you come back later). If you are logged in you will see a button labeled "MyView" under the standard tabs on the left side:

Just click on the button and a new tab will appear:

Now you can simply drag and drop a widget onto this tab to add it to your new custom view!

Additional features of custom views

By clicking on the button that appears right next to the view name, you will open the custom view menu:

The first button (with the pencil symbol) lets you change the name of a view - this way you can give it a meaningful name, instead of the dummy one that the system gave it.
With the next two buttons you can change the order of the view within the tabs - more important views can be moved up.
The next button gives you access to the resource settings for a view. Every view has a default resource type (e.g. an IP address, a hostname, an ASN, etc.) for which the view will be shown in the results. By default, a view gets the resource type that the result page had when you created the view for the first time. If you created a view that should be shown for multiple resource types (e.g ASNs and IP addresses) then you have to change these settings.
The last button lets you remove a view - once you confirm that you really want to remove it!