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RIPEstat Data Sources

RIPEstat is based on the collection of data from various sources:

RIR authority data

The RIR statistics files summarise the current state of Internet number resource allocations and assignments. They are intended to provide a snapshot of the status of Internet number resources, without any transactional or historical details. Find details for each RIR here:


This visualisation is based on data from different sources. The blacklists were selected based on availability and data access policies, and are not necessarily the best representation of the vast number of blacklists which currently exist.


IPv4 geolocation information, mostly in the geolocation and geolocation history widgets, is based on GeoLite data created by MaxMind. Copyright 2008 MaxMind, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Please consult MaxMind's license before using this data for non-internal use. For details on the accuracy of this data, please visit MaxMind's product website. The data is updated every month with the newest data for Maxmind's GeoCity Light database.


M-Lab provides a large collection of open Internet performance data. For details, please visit:


Speedchecker is a company specialised in Internet performance measurements. One data set that is used on RIPEstat is Speedchecker's bandwidth measurements. For details, please visit: